“Charting Our Way Forward Together” – Budget 2022

Creatively created 5 themes to break down Budget 2022 into bite-size pointers to members of the public.

From “A Fairer and More Resilient Tax System for All”, to “Supporting Families”, “Supporting Workers”, “Supporting Businesses” and “Advancing our Green Transition”, these 5 themes get across effectively the comprehensive support that the Government provides to Singapore households and businesses.

Budget 2022

area of focus

“Advancing our Green Transition”

— Take action for tomorrow, now

“Supporting Families”

— Invest in our children

“Supporting Workers”

— Protect livelihoods

“Supporting Businesses”

— Invest in stronger capabilities

“Building a Fairer and More Resilient Tax System”

— Everyone contributes to our needs

Importance of visual communication in complex messaging

Infographics use colours, movement and flow to make the process of understanding complicated ideas feel like cakewalk.

Did we mention that they get shared more often and are also SEO-friendly?

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Budget 2022 – Resilient Tax System

Budget 2022 – Supporting Workers

Budget 2022 – Advancing our Green Transition

Budget 2022 – Supporting Families

Budget 2022 – Supporting Businesses

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Budget 2022 - Supporting Business

Budget 2022 - Advancing Our Green Transition