Emerging Stronger Together -Budget 2021

Captured the essence of Budget 2021 in 5 themes.

From “COVID-19 Support”, to “Supporting Families”, “Supporting Workers”, “Helping Small and Large Enterprises”, and “Building a Liveable and Sustainable Home”.



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Budget 2021 Areas of Focus

“Supporting Families”

— Equal opportunities for all, support for the vulnerable and needy

“Supporting Workers”

— More good jobs and opportunities for Singaporeans

“COVID-19 Support”

— All-rounded support for individuals, households and businesses

“Building a Liveable and Sustainable Home”

— Long-term plan for a green, liveable and sustainable city for future generations

“Helping Small and Large Enterprises”

— Deepen Singapore’s position as a Global-Asia node

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Budget 2021 – Supporting Families

Budget 2021 – Supporting Businesses

Budget 2021 – COVID-19

Budget 2021 – Supporting Workers

Budget 2021 – Sustainability

Digital Display Panels (DDPs)

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