River Hongbao 2024: Soar to Greatness in the Year of the Dragon

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Singapore is one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world. International cultures have influenced our preferences and way-of-life. Chinese culture and traditions are slowly getting left behind.

River Hongbao is an annual Chinese cultural event where Singaporeans go to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Not surprisingly, youths aren’t turning up. So, we decided to bring the celebrations to them online.

Xiao He and the Dragon’s Pearl

Discover the story behind Xiao He and the Dragon’s Pearl in the virtual movie theatre. This year, we are exploring the virtual world, breaking and bridging the divide between actuality and augmented reality. Experience the wonders of a story-telling adventure that will leave you both enthralled and enraptured, right from the convenience of your home. Expect an interactive story-telling journey as you swirl into the dimension of Xiao He and The Dragon Pearl. This promises to be a visual and aurally imaginative theatre journey.

What We Did

METAVERSE Dragon Pearl Hunt

Step into the virtual real estate of River Hongbao 2024 and experience everything that the festival has to offer. Revel in an immersive world and explore the offerings of River Hongbao 2024. This immersive augmented reality experience will leave you revelling in awe yet give you a sense of familiarity and realism. 


  • Experience the River Hongbao Festivities from the comfort of your own home
  • Embark on an exciting treasure hunt and discover the hidden pearls
  • Have your photo taken in the virtual photo booth
  • Come learn about the 12 Chinese Zodiac and predict your luck for the year of 2024

Photo Booth

We stationed a photo booth for visitors to leave with wonderful memories from River Hongbao. Visitors who come for a picture stands a chance to walk away with one of the 12 Zodiac keychains we have up for grabs.

Social Media Content Creation

Xiao Hong Shu

Social Media Livestream

• We push boundaries here with the interactions of Virtual avatar Xiao He and Celebrity Influencer Yong Fang. A cross-over between the virtual and real world, we challenge limits and perception by connecting two worlds for an unique, intriguing experience

• Delve into the world of magic with illusionist Edward Loke and DJ Cheng Yao through a riveting and gripping magic show. This dynamic duo injects doses of humour into the spellbinding show with their strong chemistry and comedy chops as they take you on a thrilling and compelling ride