River Hongbao 2023: A Slice of Chinese Culture, To-Go

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Singapore is one of the most multi-cultural societies in the world. International cultures have influenced our preferences and way-of-life. Chinese culture and traditions are slowly getting left behind.

River Hongbao is an annual Chinese cultural event where Singaporeans go to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Not surprisingly, youths aren’t turning up. So, we decided to bring the celebrations to them online.

Campaign Results


social media reach


increase in TikTok followers


video views


on-site visitors

What We Did

Hyper-Realistic AR Filter on TikTok Customised with 3D Modelling Tools

The AR filter copies user actions and facial expressions; it opened up new ways for youths to express themselves during the Lunar New Year. Created by 3D Blender tool, and integrated into TikTok’s Effect House, users can access the filter directly from TikTok’s native app.


• Advanced motion detection and facial recognition

• Hyper-realistic expression

• Detailed textures and motifs

Island-wide Treasure Hunt

The start of the new year is a time when people seek blessings and good luck. So we decided to be part of that, by sharing our fortunes with visitors as a form of blessing.

We launched an island-wide treasure hunt, rewarding players who find our QR codes hidden all over Singapore.

Social Media Content Creation

Our TikTok content generated over 1.6m organic views over 15 days.

@riverhongbao 96.3 好FM DJ Li Yi tells us more about the fortunes of those born in the year of the dragon🐉 #RiverHongbao #ChineseNewYear #Zodiac ♬ original sound - riverhongbao
@riverhongbao Replying to @lauirene728 Based on the zodiac forecast, those born in the year of the Dog are set to have a promising year ahead! #RiverHongbao #ChineseNewYear #Zodiac ♬ original sound - riverhongbao

Social Media Livestream

• Live performances from Gardens by the Bay outdoor stage

• Celebrity gameshow

• Studio concert

• Feng Shui predictions for the Year of the Rabbit

VR Exhibition

We re-created the on-site exhibition in immersive virtual reality accessible through the website. Visitors can freely explore the space and interact with interactive features embedded in various parts of the exhibition.