We’re a team of thinkers, makers, explorers and believers.

Curiosity and experimentation is in our DNA.

We love our work like we love our coffee, something to savour and revisit time and again.

Adrienne Tan,
Chief Corporate Officer

Ronald Wong,
Creative Director

Dominic Foong,
Executive Producer

Tan Guo Xin,
Lead Motion Graphics Specialist

Yeo Yao Xiong,
Lead Producer-Videographer

Wayne Neo,
Lead Digital Marketeer

Christopher Lim,
Motion Graphics Specialist

Dylan Lee,
Motion Graphics Specialist

Zen Tan,
3D Specialist

Choy Wei De,
Senior Videographer

Alif Iman,

Sean Pang,

Corrine Foo,

Candy Chua,
Senior Editor

Kaelyn Lim,
Senior Graphic Designer

Jena Ong,
Graphic Designer

Lorraine Aw,
Graphic Designer

John Martens,

Fara Hanny Mohd Nazrain,

Esther Low,
Social Media Executive

Nurhidayat M. N., Videographer

Trust him to frame the subject and shine light into it.

We are EVOLV Communications Ltd., a Company Limited by Guarantee and set up by the Ministry of Communications and Information.
We are a separate entity from MCI and the Government.