Getting on TikTok Trends

A quick search up on Google will tell you that high-quality content, adding hashtags and using trending sounds might give you a better chance at getting seen on TikTok and we all know, what a game of chance that is.

TikTok videos are discovered through its unique algorithm and the use of hashtags. Getting on the For You Page (FYP) – which is an endless feed of curated content, is an opportunity to be seen by a huge audience, wis a videos will then end up on the For You Page. A recent TikTok video we did for a campaign not only did well but also landed on the discovery page.

And here’s how we (think) we did it.

#1 Relevance

Relevance is said to be the new Reach. Content that is relevant plays a big role in driving views and attention to your brand. To be relevant, you have to understand your audience, recognise that they evolve and that we would need to adapt to continue to stay relevant.

The series of videos we did were specific for Chinese New Year and we know that there will be a lot of CNY related content on the platform. 

True enough, from dances, decor and also fashion there were a slew of CNY-related content on the platform in the lead up to Chinese New Year. 

But what ties us all together more than food?

We produced a few recipe videos, all of them easy to do and follow. Our videos were only about a minute long with clear instructions written as text on screen for users to follow along. 

Our recipe for the Koi Osmathus Jelly made it on the discovery page and attracted many shares.

#2 Knowing Your Audience 

The decision to produce CNY related recipe videos was an easy one, as we knew that videos that appeared on the FYP were based on the user’s region.

With parts of Southeast Asia riding the Omicron wave, various restrictions for celebrations were still in place so there was still a demand for easy to follow recipes which can be made from home. Most important factor in all this is also the fact that people are also turning to TikTok to learn how to cook!

#3 Trends, Trends, Trends

A hashtag which trended during Chinese New Year was #ReunionDinner . The South East Asian region celebrates festive occasions with food and loved ones. During Chinese New Year and we knew that we had to include relevant and related TikToks to get our content on the discovery page. Including hashtags to our videos, helped to increase it’s discoverability. . Our video gained more than 15k views over the festive period.

Trends change quickly more so now consumption of information comes from all mediums. 67% of users on TikTok even said that they preferred videos featuring popular trending songs. Therefore, having an eye out for a trending #s, song , topics and effects may help give you a leg up to getting better reach and views for your video.

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