ACE Group

The ACE Group project serves to help migrant workers to better integrate into Singapore and have an understanding on how to push through during the hardest times.

Video Production | Visual Communication | Social Media Engagement

Video Production & Editing

From ideation to implementation, we produced an educational video to raise awareness among migrant workers. The video aimed to equip migrant workers with the knowledge that trained peer support leaders are readily available in times of trouble or concerns. It also offers an introduction to these support leaders, providing insights into how they can act as a pillar of strength for these individuals during challenging times.


Title: Mohsin’s Journey as a Peer Support Leader for our Migrant Brother

Designed to support migrant workers in handling work-related stress by providing examples to identify signs of stress, we produced this message to be spread on TikTok. In this digital era, it is vital we tap into and utilise this online platform to expand our reach to an extensive audience.

We crafted this video to be shared on various social media platforms, such as TikTok with to inform, educate and entertain.


Title: HealthServe’s crisis helpline specialist

ACE Group approached us to promote their Helpline services with a quick turnaround. This is what we came up with. 

Jaishen, a helpline specialist, was chosen as the focal point of the campaign. The tight timeline saw us conducting a site visit to observe his assistance to fellow migrant workers while simultaneously creating a tagline for our client.

The entire project, from inception to completion, took only two weeks, including talent scouting and the approval process.

Title: Mohsin’s Journey as a Peer Support Leader for our Migrant Brothers

In line with our client’s aim to raise awareness among migrant workers, we introduced a trained peer support leader named Mohsin, who offers his assistance in times of trouble or worries. The video provides insights into Mohsin’s role and how he can help individuals feel better during tough times.

To better convey our client’s message and kickstart the production process, EVOLV conducted a reconnaissance mission and engaged in a casual conversation to better understand Mohsin. Together with ACE Group, EVOLV led the project from its initial storyboarding stages to completion. We filmed, covered interviews and acquired supplementary footages in a span of three hours with the help of volunteers.

This resulting video was shared on their TikTok channel, where the majority of their followers belong to the target audience. Currently, it has amassed 237k views.